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The Cosmetics Industry – a growing market

Whether conventional, organic, vegan, decorative or apparative cosmetics - the desire to obtain and keep a groomed appearance grows and grows, as does the amount of products.

The cosmetics market is especially favorable for females and, even though cosmetic matters do not play a significant role with the male population, they offer many manufacturers and distributors a major growth potential: especially young men value styling and a groomed appearance more and more. A large part of the cosmetics industries growth dynamic is based on the fact that the age limit for the use of decorative cosmetics and restricted also the care cosmetics has risen.

The cosmetics industry is in constant development and – like fashion – under the strong influence of current trends. Colors, looks and textures, but also the connection between beauty and care, play an important role. Customized beauty is the theme of the future. Current trends also have to be considered in packaging design, to address the consumers optimally.

We own the knowledge of these segments, sense trends and connect distribution partners for:

  • Hair Care Products, Tools and Brushes
  • Decorative Cosmetic Brands
  • Care Cosmetic Brands
  • Body Care Cosmetic Brands
  • Nail Care Cosmetic Brands
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Apparative Cosmetic Devices


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