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Distribution Partner

for Cosmetics and Skin Care

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Distribution Partner

for Hair Care and apparative Cosmetics


Distribution Partner

for Nail Cosmetics and Body Care

Distribution Partner and Sales Agency

for Cosmetics, Hair, Body, Skin & Nail Care

Looking for a distribution partner? You produce or create products for skin, hair & body and are looking for an active, professional and well connected distribution partner for your brand? Or you are a successful beauty distributor and are looking for an addition to your brand portfolio? Welcome to BEAUTY SALES EXPERT!

Our BEAUTY SALES EXPERT team consists of experienced industry specialists with deep subject knowledge, that benefit from a finely meshed distributor network in Germany, Austria Switzerland and the Benelux region. The multifaceted network of established, mostly international manufacturers and producers (USA, Asia, Scandinavia, EU), makes it possible for us to continually connect new, innovative, but also already worldwide successfully distributed brands.

Every market place has its regional requirements and cultural characteristics. We assist international manufacturers in successfully establishing business relationships and grow their brand sustainably.

Our Advantage: We are familiar with our territories (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux region), their requirements, specific regional needs and most importantly their languages. This fact allows us to advise and support our manufacturers and supply their distributions with local representatives, that can continually grow their brand, respecting the requirements of their market place and its channels.

Please connect with us. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.
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Telephone +49 (0) 172 - 6386507
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